About Us

My Awards Racks focus is providing storage and organization options for trophies, medals, championship rings, and other earned awards which would otherwise be disposed of or thrown into some dark drawer. We offer a unique variety of holders, shelves, and display racks to show off your hard work and dedication. 
My Awards Rack offers different display options highlighting an array of sports categories as well as customizable pieces that can be tailored to fit your space. Highlighting your talents and achievements serves as a motivation for future goals and accomplishments and we want to be apart of that journey with you. 
We started our family owned business in 2016 with a goal to provide quality American-made handcrafted products that exceed customer expectations while providing personal customer service along the way. It is our intention to maintain this goal no matter our growth. In fact we aim to get better as we go. We are a true family owned business in that our whole family is involved in some aspect of the process. We feel this is not only good for us as the owners but also in helping to instill a solid work ethic into our children as they grow and become productive members of society. 
Yes! There are companies that offer similar products and even sometimes (although not often) at a lower price. But we understand that when you spend your hard-earned money that you expect a great product which will last for years and that is exactly what we aim to provide. 
To date we have had some of the best customers which have provided us with great reviews and referrals. Our customers are the best! Come and be apart of what we are building and share your experience with the world.